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Sharon & Lee

We would like to say a big thanks for everything which you done for one of the biggest days in our lives, we couldnt have asked for anything nicer.
We must admit we were a bit unsure when we got to Gozo because you begin to think does this wedding planner even exist have we paid all this money and we arent going to get anything for it.  Then when you arrived at the farmhouse we both felt relieved.
We had the pictures (which you sent) and the images in our heads of the wedding cermemony and reception but when you took us to the venue I couldnt believe what a beautiful place it was.
The wedding ceremony and reception was amazing, we never thought it would be as lovely as it was.
The Horse and Carriage had always been my dream and it came true, it was amazing.  Archie loved it soo much he always talks about horses now and when he sees the pictures he gets all excited.
When I arrived at the hotel and was led down to the ceremony I thought woow this is even better than I could ever have dreamed off, the way everything was laid out and decorated was amazing, all the guests commented on how nice the dinner and service provided was.
Once again a big thank you for everything you done for us as you were always checking to see whether we needed anything during the day and before the wedding.


Sharon & Lee (UK)

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