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Cathy & Lee  

Wow. We have been married for two weeks already! Since returning home to the USA and returning to work our lives have been very busy.  Not too busy, however, to continue our correspondence with you and thank you for all your planning with us over the past 7 months in creating the perfect wedding for an 'older' couple. Thank you for your efficient organization of tasks from our arrival in Malta from seeing the site of the ceremony and meeting with the registrar throughout our wedding day. It was truly a memorable day and thanks to the photographer for not only documenting the day visually but for guiding us to the most beautiful spots on Gozo and relating cultural and historic information as well. On the ferry back to Malta the four children were tracing 'the wedding adventure' on the ship's map and sharing their favorite parts of the day. Needless to say, the ferry arrived in Malta before we got through our long list of favorites. We have exchanged some digital photos with each other and look forward to seeing the photographer's interpretation of the day. Once again thank you and the photographer both so much (in addition to the registrar and our carriage and classic car drivers) for the adventure of a lifetime. It is the BEST WEDDING WE HAVE EVER ATTENDED. The restaurant where you left us at day's end was as perfect as the rest of the day. I'm glad that our first dinner choice did not work out and that we ended up at Xlendi bay. With tons of appreciation.

Cathy & Lee (USA)

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